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Stock Purchase Agreements: A Comprehensive Guide

Buying and selling company shares is a sure-fire way of building a business empire or just building up profit centers for your lifestyle. No matter your reasoning, you need to complete these transactions with trust that the paperwork will deliver the transfer of shares. Very often these transactions happen in the domain of small businesses or startups where the funding might not be available to employ expensive lawyers to draft the document. This is where the transaction often is backed by hastily drawn up mini contracts that do not carry the weight of the law behind them. It is in these circumstances that you need a documentation partner like Business-in-a-Box.

The use of a stock purchase agreement template and other related documents is commonplace in any growing market, buying and selling business have been making individuals and consortiums wealthy since the beginning of business trading. But what is important about these agreements and how do you make sure that you don’t waste money on documentation that will not work?

Business-in-a-Box provides you with a vast catalog of business documentation templates that all have been created and drafted by business specialists and formatted to be 100% legally binding. These templates are designed to make your life easy, they are designed to be 100% customizable to give you the ultimate in usability.

The Type of Templates That are listed in Stock Purchase & Sale Agreements

Apart from the general stock purchase agreement template, this section has more than 60 different templates that you can choose and use without needing an expensive legal advisor. These templates are aimed at making some of the most complex business transactions simple and far more convenient. Here is a brief explanation of some of the most used templates in this section:

Stock Purchase Agreement

The stock purchase agreement template is a 4-page template that gives the seller the ability to formalize the sale of stock in the company with all the legal clauses and terminology needed to complete the transaction as swiftly as they need. The agreement covers every aspect of the transaction with clear language that is fully legally binding and easy to understand. You will find sections covering the sale and purchase of company stock as well as the details breakdown of how the price of the stock should be laid out. It makes provision for the governing jurisdictional laws as well as attorney’s fees so that your agreements can be notarized by practicing lawyers.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares

The purchase and sale of shares agreement template allows the business owner to raise funds by selling shares in their company and it also allows for the purchasing of shares in other businesses by private individuals or other businesses. The function of this template will help any business increase their scope by adding to the business capacity. The agreement makes allowance for payment terms as well as the various warranties that need to be addressed when selling shares in any business. It also has provisions for non-compete clauses so that business owners can protect themselves against buyouts and lists all the closing documents that are needed to make these documents legally binding.

Employee Stock Option Agreement

Offering your employees stock options is a highly effective way of ensuring loyalty and rewarding such loyalty by giving your most valuable employees the option to buy or work for stock in the enterprise. This agreement gives you the option to specify the date and manner in which your employees can either purchase the stock options or how they will earn the rights to these stock options. The employee stock option agreement template sets out the terms of how your employee can exercise their stock options and the conditions attached to the stock options. With clauses about the terms and transferability of the stock options, this 12 page MS WORD format agreement template is as comprehensive as you need for your requirements.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares by Shareholder

When shareholders in a non-listed company want to sell or purchase shares, there must be clear documentation to secure the transaction as this is a strict law in every jurisdiction worldwide. Shareholders of a company might be wanting to buy-out a shareholder or the company might be raising funds by selling shares in the business. The agreement of purchase and sale of shareholders template makes provision for some US-only legislation so that you know you are always on the right side of the law. Business owners also have the option of documenting certain corporate restrictions after the purchase as well as clauses dealing with selling the shares to a business or other shareholders.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Business Assets

The buying and selling of business assets are a very common transaction in the business world. As businesses grow, they outgrow their current assets like vehicles or equipment and this equipment can be passed on to other businesses that have better use for it. Companies also sell their assets when there is no more need for them or maybe a need for short term capital in the company. Regardless of the reason for the transaction, it must be legal and properly documented according to law and the agreement of purchase and sale of business assets template will make this transactions easy to manage.

Offer to Purchase Agreement Venture Capital Template

Raising funds for your enterprise is a challenging task in any environment, and business owners often use shares in the business to raise the venture capital for expansion or product development. This is a very complicated transaction and needs to be documented very carefully or it could spell disaster for the business and the venture capitalist. The agreement template references the accounting records and all the assets of the business so that both parties are fully aware of what is at stake. The offer to purchase agreement venture capital template follows a systematic structure to guide you through each section so that you can edit all the relative fields and sections. You will also find a schedule list that will help you compile all the required documentation that you need to raise venture capital by selling shares in your business.

Employee Share Purchase Plan

When your employees want to purchase shares in the business and they require a purchase plan to complete the purchase or you offer your employees a benefit plan that includes the company helping them purchase these shares over time, your company will do well to use this Employee Share Purchase Plan template. It covers the full spectrum of conditions and rights associated with such a transaction. It covers aspects like voting rights and subdivision of shares as well as how to manage the transaction in the vent of termination or death of the employee. These clauses will help protect both you and the employee from unforeseen circumstances.

Checklist Sale of a Business

The buying and selling of shares in a company needs to be governed by legal documentation regardless of the circumstances. However, when you have been offered the option to buy a company, there are certain things and conditions that need to be thoroughly checked before you proceed with the transaction. Business-in-a-Box not only provides you with the most up to date legally binding business documents, but we also have a selection of checklists that give you the ability to gauge the validity of any transaction including a sale of a business checklist. This simple checklist runs you through all the aspects that need to be checked before you agree to purchase a business.

Checklist Sale of a Business - Critical What if

When you are considering the purchase of a business, there are often little conflicts that make the process more stressful than it needs to be. The anxiety and stress associated with selling or buying a business is a normal part of the process but you can make it a far smoother process by using this simple 2-page checklist that guides you through the most common sticking points of the process. It covers the simple and often overlooked aspect of the transaction over and above the normal pricing and stock options parts of the deal. This checklist is a must for anyone buying or selling a business unless you want the process to be a stressful and painful one.

Merger Agreement Template

The merger of companies through an equity swap is a common way of combining the abilities and resources of two businesses to take on a larger share of the market. This conversion of equity is a simple transaction but still needs to be validated by using the correct terminology and legal documents. The merger agreement template guides you through all the necessary documentation that you need to complete the merger. When you are merging your organization with another, you need to make sure that both sides are protected in the event of litigation and ensure that while the merger is ongoing you can continue business as normal so as not to lose market share.

Guide for Buying & Selling Intellectual Property

The guide for buying and selling intellectual property template is designed to help those that have come up with a great idea and want to cash in on it. A simple way to state the process of selling your brilliant idea for shares or capital and this template has everything that you might need for the transaction. It covers aspects like Patents, Trademarks, Designs, and Copyright so that once the deal is done both parties can walk away from the deal satisfied. It will also guide you through the finer points of defining the intellectual property and how you should go about transferring the IP to the new owner. The guide will help you in any situation where you need to understand the impact and complexity of selling your IP to a company or individual.

Agreement for the Subscription of Shares Template

There are many ways to deal with the financial transaction of buying shares in your company, one of them is allowing for the subscription purchase of your shares. The agreement for the subscription of shares template helps you set up the transaction with all the required conditions and legal terms you need. It is a simple manner of selling shares in your business and allowing access to your share to more than just your executives; the subscription basis helps lower-earning employees to subscribe to the shares over time.

Buy Sell Agreement Template

A Buy-Sell Agreement template gives shareholders of business the first right to refusal on purchasing the shares of a shareholder that might have died or wants to sell their shares in the business. This agreement is vital in a business where there is more than one shareholder; in other words, every partnered business that exists. In any partnership, you need to protect the value of your shares in the business by ensuring that in the event that partners have a critical dispute or possibly death, the share capital of the business is offered to the remaining shareholders of the business. You can prevent hostile takeovers and buyouts this way by using this easy to understand and edit the 8-page template.

Owning a business is a tough job on its own simply by running the business, you need not worry about the mountains of documentation that needs to be 100% correct as you will never get to run the business. Business-in-a-Box has simplified the paperwork of your business. Sign up to get access to over 2000 business templates. Simply choose your template, edit, save and print.

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