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A Full Guide to all Production and Operation Templates You Could Ever Need For Your Business

In any business, you need a clear set of production and operational guidelines that will set out the business processes and strategies in a documented format that all employees can follow to maintain a high-level proficiency and streamline business processes. With these business documents, you can control the various processes that your business needs for profitability and efficiency. Regardless of your business model or sector, you need production manuals and schedules to keep the business running smoothly and our templates will help you get the machine that is your business running and running smoothly.

The scope of templates that we have for your operation covers every sphere of industry and manufacture as well every business interaction from supply chain to distribution. These templates are listed in the following main sections:

Purchasing and Ordering

Purchasing and Ordering Templates - This section covers the host of functions from Purchase Orders to Order Received Notes as well as Thank You notes for clients and suppliers. With a comprehensive list of Purchase and Sell agreements you will be able to formalize every aspect of your Purchasing and Ordering processes in your business. You will find templates like Agreement to Purchase and Sale of Shares or Business Assets in the list as well as Bill of Sales for Corporations and many more.

Suppliers and Vendors

Suppliers and Vendors Templates - Dealing with suppliers and vendors can get complicated especially when you are working with large quantities of products and raw materials. Using templates designed by lawyers and business specialists will get your Suppliers Agreements of to a great start. There even a wide variety of Business Plans and Vendor Licensing agreements in the template list so that you can cover every part of your business. Our list of templates includes Subcontractor Agreements, Stock Agreement, and Loan Agreements for your business as well as Reseller Agreements.


Receiving Goods Templates - Receiving your goods and raw materials from your suppliers require clear and concise documentation so that you do not suffer accounting issues or payment delays. With templates that span from Receiving Orders to Return of Goods to Order Confirmation documentation, you can make sure that your business is protected from any issues arising when you are receiving your goods or products from suppliers and vendors. Our templates cover receiving goods from international suppliers as well as Order Cancellation templates and Thank You notes for your clients.


Shipping Templates - Shipping your goods locally or internationally could become complex without the correct documentation. Just about anything can happen during shipping and you need documents like Damage Claims and specific Shipping Instructions for you good to ensure that your goods arriving at their destination safely and in one piece. Documentation makes your business able to deal with any eventuality during shipping as you have all the details of prior shipments and shipping arrangements documented and signed off by all parties concerned. In this section, you will also find business plans for trucking businesses as well as dispatch and requisition templates to suit any business model.

Equipment and Machinery

Equipment and Machinery Templates - If you have machinery and production equipment on site and you have employees operating these machines, you need to give each employee an operations manual and also keep a clear record of the lease or purchase of the equipment in your production line. We also have template documents for your business to enter into a lease or purchase agreements with your vendors like Equipment Purchase Agreement and Long Lease Equipment Agreements. Our templates also include evaluation Checklists for Purchasing vs. Leasing for your business and Licensing Agreements for your client and business partners.

Storage and Inventory

Storage and Inventory Templates - The storage of your inventory is a vital part of your business. It is the largest collection of your business capital in your business and without proper management could cost you a lot of money. With clear guidelines on How to Manage Inventory in the Warehouse, your staff can manage the complexity of your inventory without fail. Our templates cover all business sectors from Convenience Stores to Retail Stores as well as many other storage-related business models like Furniture and Jewelry. Ensure your business plan with our comprehensive Business Plan Templates and inventory management templates.

Production Management

Product Management Templates - The control of your production processes could mean the difference between a profitable business model and a failed business model. With a clearly defined production schedule template, you could make your production process more effective than ever. When you start your business you need tried and tested production principles to build an effective production line and assist your staff in managing the production line with well laid out production manuals to do every task within your production facility. With templates to assist you with Managing Your Supply Chain as well as various job descriptions in this department, you can get your production running perfectly.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Templates - Ensuring the quality of your business stretches from production to new product design all the way to software and sales processes. With a comprehensive list of templates for your business, you can manage every aspect of your business and maintain the highest levels of quality from client interaction to employee satisfaction. Keeping your sales staff on track with Sales Forecasts and your client informed of Launching New Product lines will maintain your business’s quality levels and service delivery. Quality assurance also includes templates for the return and repair of defective goods from your clients and form your suppliers. From sales contracts to product announcement templates are available right here in one central place.

Research and Development

Research and Development Templates - Keeping your business at the forefront of your sector requires R & D that brings the latest technology and processes to your business in a timely fashion. To manage these complex processes you need a set of templates that will guide you and your employee to the most effective ways of conducting the research and development as well as providing the documentation that you need to implement and distribute these new strategies throughout your company. The development also includes the development of your business platforms like websites and applications that will make your business operations more streamlined and effective. You can find templates in our R & D section for all types of development functions as well as templates to create sales scripts for your sales staff.

Product Management

Product Management Templates - As with R & D you need new innovative products to maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your business needs clearly defined processes and strategies to get your products to the market, client evaluated, and approved. Our templates will give your business the upper hand in product management from concept to finished product line, you will also be able to manage the repair and return processes for your products to and from your clients. Managing your products and sales are the people that need to be properly employed with the right qualifications and our templates will assist you with the employment of your Sales Managers and Marketing Manager with easy to use Job Description Templates.

These templates have been designed to apply to every industry and sector in the business world and you will find that your business will run more streamlined once you apply these templates. Your business, regardless of where it fits into the manufacturing industry, needs the best documentation to keep your business running at maximum efficiency, and with templates like production log templates, you can ensure the longevity of your business.

Production and Operation also include functions like cash flow management and payroll systems, so your business needs the absolute best from you and your employee, and the only way to ensure that is by having the best business documentation and templates for your business. To manage your operation whether it is a new business or an existing business you require the most comprehensive operation and production manuals that are supported by clearly defined Human Resources principles. The principles require your business to have a defined job description for each position your organization and you can easily find those templates here when you sign up to Business-in-a-Box.

Your organization will benefit from using concise documentation and easy to use templates for your business process, as shown above, our templates cover every aspect of any business production and operation from the nuts and bolts manufacturing of products to the effective management of each production line and process. Our templates are designed and created by lawyers and business experts so that you won’t have to go the expense of getting these professionals to design your documentation for you.

You can manage your business with confidence and peace of mind by simply using the right templates, all you have to do is fill-in-the-blanks and you ready to do business. Sign up to get your Operation and Production templates right here at Business-in-a-Box and you can enjoy the benefit of more the 2,000 other business templates in your business.

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