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Memorandum of Understanding Template

Understanding a Memorandum of Understanding

When it comes to formalizing a partnership agreement, memorandums of understanding are incredibly important, and more and more people are using memorandum of understanding templates to create these documents.

They serve to provide information about the responsibilities of each partner. As well as this, it defines the agreements made during discussions. More importantly, it expresses the expected will and intentions of agreements and negotiations. Therefore, it is actually incredibly similar in this manner to a letter of intent and a memorandum of agreement, as well as some other documents.

What Are Memorandums of Understanding?

Firstly, we need to consider the definition of what memorandums of understanding are. As mentioned, these documents are incredibly similar to other business documents, such as letters of intent or memorandums of agreement. The documents serve to outline the goals behind a partnership or business agreement, with the parties involved with the memorandum of understanding partaking to a mutual objective.

They are generally relatively easy to produce compared to many other legal documents. However, memorandum of agreement templates are still useful tools for many businesses, as they provide a solid basis to create a document that will be effective.

The Basics of Memorandums of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding outlines the accepted expectations determined during negotiations and the like.

Generally speaking, memorandums of understanding are created before your business agrees an official legal agreement. However, they do not have any legal weight themselves, which is why they are easy to create and should be promptly followed up by official contracts.

Purposes of Memorandums of Understanding

The memorandum of understanding has a few important purposes. Thus, practical memorandum of understanding templates should cover these aspects. The documents should primarily focus on the expected results of negotiations.

Memorandums of Agreement Are Not Legally Binding Documents!

While memorandums of understanding do not have any official legal weight on their own, they are still a more formal form of agreement than negotiations alone and can help create a strong and binding relationship that transpires into a legally binding contract down the line.

Memorandums of understanding themselves are not legally binding documents. With that being said, they generally indicate that the agreement may be made legally binding within a short period of time. Hence, information contained within the memorandum of understanding should be considered a precursor to legally binding contracts. They are commonly used in both business and governmental environments.

Similarities to Other Documents

Memorandums of agreement are incredibly similar to other forms of documents and agreements. Their most notable resemblance is to that of a “gentleman’s agreement.” A gentleman’s agreement is an informal agreement made between two parties. It is usually oral in nature. This is where differences lie between the documents; in other words, memorandums of agreement are similar to a written version of this formal but unenforceable agreement.

Because the memorandum of agreement is not legally binding, businesses or negotiators usually create one as a precursor to an agreed legal document. However, nothing is legally binding until legal contracts have been made. This is, again, similar to other unofficial agreements.

What to Include in Memorandum of Understanding Templates

Memorandums of agreement are highly effective for finalizing negotiations and agreements. As they are not a legally enforceable document, there is no particular requirement for what needs to be included within these documents. However, including the following information is highly advisable for the memorandum of understanding to be a valuable document in its own right.

  • Scope of the agreement – the memorandum of understanding templates that you create need to cover the full scope of the agreement. That is to say, the memorandum needs to include information including all parties involved and their involvement. This is important as it will detail who the memorandum of understanding is applicable to and who will be able to benefit from its contents.
  • Terms of collaboration – all good memorandums of understanding need to detail the terms of collaboration for the negotiations. They need to detail which activities will be carried out under the terms of the agreement; furthermore, the memorandum should explain who will be conducting this. Moreover, the terms will also include information about what each partner will be responsible for and what they will bring to the negotiations.
  • Alteration or termination scenarios and requirements – in any good legal document, or in this case a non-binding document, there should be information provided about circumstances surrounding the termination of the contract. Indeed, in some circumstances, terminating the agreement will be essential. Courtesy dictates what exit terms ought to be determined. These exit terms should include information about how responsibilities will be transferred if the memorandum is to continue with fewer parties.
  • Overall intent – the purpose behind the memorandum of understanding needs to be expressly stated in the memorandum of understanding templates. The intent behind the negotiations could be one of many things, so this will vary from business to business. Some examples of overall intent could include promoting the relationship between a supplier and the business, improving business profitability, or for establishment of a cooperative program between the involved parties (such as a community support program).
Always Get a Second Opinion

When it comes to getting your memorandum of understanding templates right, it is vital you take the time to get a second opinion on the document from a specialist legal advisor. While the document is not actually a legally binding document, it’s important you get it right nonetheless. The memorandum of understanding document is important for establishing the intent between parties involved in business arrangement. Hence, you need to be sure that the document you have drafted is accurate and free from errors or loopholes.

Are Memorandum of Understanding Templates a Good Option?

You might still be wondering how to get started with your memorandum of understanding templates. Indeed, a memorandum needs to be well designed and formatted. It must contain all of the important information necessary to be an effective summary of your business negotiations, too. Hence, you may want to consider choosing memorandum understanding templates instead.

Memorandum of understanding templates are incredibly useful tools for many different applications and can make the process of writing your business memorandum much simpler. What’s more, they can also help you format your document and prevent you from missing out on important information that you might need to include.

So, what makes a memorandum of understanding template such a good option for people like you to consider? Well, there are multiple reasons why you might want to use these documents for creating your memorandum. Some of the benefits that memorandum of understanding templates can offer are as follows:

  • Professional formatting and design – a high-quality memorandum of understanding template will have been designed by a specialist team of experts. Hence, you can be confident that your chosen template design should have just the right formatting for your document. Indeed, formatting might seem like something that’s not hugely important, but it can have a big impact on the readability of your memorandum; therefore, you should absolutely prioritize getting the design and formatting right.
  • Speed up the memorandum-writing process to enhance firm efficiency. Writing a memorandum of understanding is not a two-minute job. As such, you should make sure to take the time to simplify the process wherever possible. Achieving this is when you use a memorandum template instead of working from scratch. Memorandum of understanding templates are effective; they cut out a large portion of the planning stage for your team. Hence, you will be able to improve the efficiency of the memorandum writing process, thereby saving your business money in terms of staff expenses, and allowing your team to get back to doing what they do best.
  • Legal fees can be costly for writing a memorandum. Memorandums of understanding are among the more straightforward business documents that you might need to write. However, that is not to say they are not time-consuming. If you hire a legal advisor to help with this process, you will need to spend time informing the advisor about your business and the content to be included. This, of course, will be incredibly costly – and that is before even writing the memorandum. A more affordable solution is to get a memorandum drawn up by your in-house staff, using a memorandum of understanding template as a solid basis from which to work.
  • Get the document right the first time! – Invariably, your business staff know how your business works better than anyone else, so why would you leave the work to a legal team who do not have that same level of understanding? Indeed, your staff will be able to write a memorandum of understanding much more easily than a legal advisor. This is solely because they have more experience with how your firm runs. By contrast, if you hired a legal advisor to help with writing the document, you would need to spend time teaching them how your firm works. Of course, the obvious drawback here is that your team likely are not trained in legal matters. Hence, they could struggle to get started with writing a memorandum of understanding. Luckily though, memorandum of understanding templates can combat this challenge by providing a precise and reliable template for how to start.
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