Apology for Missing Appointment Template

Business-in-a-Box's Apology for Missing Appointment Template

Document description

This apology for missing appointment template has 1 pages and is a MS Word file type listed under our sales & marketing documents.

Sample of our apology for missing appointment:

OBJECT: MY APOLOGIES FOR MISSING OUR APPOINTMENT Dear [CONTACT NAME], I want to apologize to you – there is utterly no excuse for my not meeting with you on [DATE] or at least not getting word out to you. I had written the time and date down in my appointment book, but somehow I got the day mixed up. Please forgive me. I am anxious to see you and will call to reschedule a new time. I will not disappoint you this time. [YOUR NAME] [YOUR TITLE] [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] [YOUREMAIL@YOURCOMPANY.COM] [YOUR COMPANY NAME] [YOUR CO

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