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Standard Operating Procedures Template

Understanding a Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Standard operating procedure manuals are an essential part of any business or organization’s management. However, SOP manuals can be a little bit of a challenge to write and understand for many people! They are daunting documents, after all, and getting them right is imperative.

That’s why we have created our guide to understanding the standard operating procedure manual to help you learn how to make these documents. Our business procedures templates are also designed to help make your life a little bit easier. Make sure you check them out at the end if you’d like to learn more about perfecting your organization’s manuals.

The Basics of Standard Operating Procedure Manuals

Let’s tackle the most basic aspects of the standard operating procedure manual first. Standard operating procedure manuals are important as they provide a written account of your organization or business’ necessary jobs. These tasks need to be completed in the manner established in the standard operating manual.

As such, it’s pretty straightforward to infer how these manuals got their name – they provide the generic information for most of the expected business practices that need to be completed. However, the standard operating manual doesn’t dive deeper into rules than that. It merely details essential tasks for the effective running of the business.

Purpose of a Standard Operating Procedures Manual

So, what is the purpose of a standard operating manual? Well, the standard operating procedure manual for your firm or organization is designed to combine different standard operating procedures from different departments in the business and compile them as a single “go-to” document. In doing so, all of the information contained within the standard operating procedures manual can be tailored to support all aspects of your firm’s running.

What Doesn’t a SOP Manual Contain?

A standard operating procedures manual is exactly that – standard. This means that it should not contain an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your firm’s operations. In reality, the standard operating procedures manual needs to detail what your business needs to do to meet its goals. However, a more in-depth analysis can be provided during training and the like. With that being said, the SOP manuals you provide should be enough to give new employees or transfers enough information to get on with their job effectively.

What to Include in a Standard Operating Procedures Manual

When writing a standard operating procedures manual (or reading one) and considering what to take from it), you should aim to cover the following information within the manual:

  • The generic aims and goals of the company. One of the most obvious things that you should include in your firm's standard operating procedures manual is an outline as to the business' general aims and goals. What is the business' mission? How will it accomplish its goals? These should be outlined in the SOP manuals as background context for readers.
  • The scope and purpose of the SOP manual. Invariably, your company’s standard operating procedures manual is just that – a standard guide to help people understand the basics of how your firm operates. It can provide insight into how the business will achieve its goals, for example, in the form of a flowchart for production processes; however, it still needs to be used alongside other forms of input such as training or instruction manuals. Thus, the SOM should start by defining both the purpose and scope of the document.
  • Compliance standards and legal requirements to be met. The manual should provide instructions as to compliance standards to be adhered to. As well as this, the document should detail how your business will remain compliant with these regulations.
  • The SOM should provide instructions to maximize production. In order for any business to be effective, it needs to be managed efficiently. A SOP manual is pivotal in this, detailing how the company will maximize potential and enhance efficiency.
  • The manual should address the firm’s environmental considerations. Business’ environmental impact has become a hot topic in recent times, and for good reason. Thus, the standard operating procedures manual should address environmental considerations and how the business will address these.
  • Safety requirements must be addressed. Ensuring both worker and customer safety is pivotal for any business, of course. As a basic requirement for what the firm needs to accomplish – keeping everyone safe – it’s imperative that safety requirements and procedures are outlined in the standard operating procedures manuals.
  • The manual should provide instructions for complicated machinery. It’s important to note here that we aren’t saying the SOP manual should detail every single step in using a machine – that’s what the machine’s instructions are for, and these should be provided to all employees. However, the SOP manual should give a brief look into staying safe while using the machines and how they should be used/who they should be used by. The manual should also refer to resources for further learning if necessary.
Don’t Forget to Get Feedback!

When writing a SOP manual, it’s always essential that you get feedback on what you’ve written. Indeed, your peers and colleagues may be able to give good advice to help perfect the manual. Perhaps there is a section that could be added to improve the overall value of the document. Alternatively, it could be that some aspects of the draft standard operating procedures manual template go too in-depth for the requirements of a SOP manual, and your colleagues can help you whittle these down to a more reasonable and understandable length.

Don’t forget – your standard operating procedures manual doesn’t need to cover everything in full detail, so long as it provides a comprehensive outline. What’s more, you can always refer to other documents for a more in-depth look into highly specific procedures (for example: “refer to operator’s manual 32B for information on the correct formatting and safe use of the machine”).

Finally, remember that your business SOP manuals aren’t set in stone, and they can – and should – be revised on a regular basis to ensure they’re up-to-date. Business methods and equipment can change regularly. Thus, it’s vital you take the time to check your standard operating procedure manuals over from time to time, so you can check that all of the content is still relevant and (critically) the best advice it can be for your brand.

Standard Operating Procedures Manual Templates

At this point, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of creating a SOP manual for your firm. After all, there is absolutely a lot to think about! Fortunately, standard operating procedures manual templates could provide you with a simple and effective solution to tackle your troubles getting started.

SOP manual templates are commonly used throughout businesses looking to create, or even update, their standard operating procedure manuals. Indeed, the benefits of using standard operating procedure manual templates far outweigh the drawbacks, making these a far superior choice for most businesses looking to make their manual. Some of our most downloaded SOP’s include cash flow management procedures, employee performance review procedures, how to raise capital and procedures for creating a business website.

Are Standard Operating Procedure Manual Templates a Good Option?

So – are standard operating procedure manual templates a good option, or should your firm stick with doing things entirely originally? There are many reasons that might persuade you to try using a template instead of trying to write a SOP manual without one. These, we have summarized below:

  • Get the formatting right the first time! If you or your employees have never written a standard operating procedures manual before, it can be hard to get started. How do you lay the manual out? What should come first? What about the design aspect of the manual? All of these questions need to be considered, but a standard operating procedures manual template has done this hard work for you. So, you can start whittling away at the manual’s content. After all, the design aspect has been done already.
  • Professionals have designed the standard operating procedures manual templates. This is absolutely a key perk to consider when thinking about choosing a standard operating manual template. After all, your business’ standard operating manuals are legal documents designed to help keep your firm running effectively. Therefore, having an SOP template that’s been made by a professional can be helpful!
  • SOP manual templates provide a much more efficient solution! If your business doesn’t have an SOP expert on hand to create your manuals – we’re guessing that it doesn’t – then you may want to consider using standard operating manual templates. These templates are designed to be easy and practical to fill out, saving your business time (and money) when making the standard operating procedures manual. What’s more, having the SOP manual ready more quickly may help enhance your business’ current efficiency and make it easier for it to achieve its goals.
  • You and your staff understand the business better than anyone else! If you so wanted, you could get a lawyer or legal advisor to create your standard operating manual. However, these services are costly and – critically – they won’t know your business as you do. As such, if you want the SOP manuals to be true, the easiest thing to do may be to write it yourself. business procedures templates can help with this goal, giving you a strong basis from which to begin writing.
Where to Find Standard Operating Procedure Manual Templates?

If you think that standard operating procedure manual templates could be a good solution for your company’s needs, then you’re in good company! However, it’s essential to be aware that not all SOP manual templates are created equally, and some simply won’t be worth their salt. Along these lines, then, it’s vital you choose a template from a reputable and reliable template provider, so you know you can write your firm’s standard operating procedure manual to a high standard.

Luckily, you needn't scratch your head about where to start the search. Our team is on hand to help with all of your template-finding needs! As experts in the business field, we can help with all of your document writing needs. Our templates range is one of the most expansive to be found online, with over 2000 templates for your business needs readily available for you to browse.

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