Sales Invoice - Excel Template

Business-in-a-Box's Sales Invoice - Excel Template

Document description

This sales invoice - excel template has 1 pages and is a MS Excel file type listed under our finance & accounting documents.

Sample of our sales invoice - excel:

Your Company Name Invoice Your Company Slogan DATE: 1/1/2002 Address INVOICE # 100 City, State ZIP TAX ID Phone 123.456.7890 Fax 123.456.7891 Bill To: Ship To: Comments or Special Instructions: None SALESPERSON P.O. NUMBER SHIP DATE SHIP VIA F.O.B. POINT TERMS Due on receipt QUANTITY DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE AMOUNT -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ SUBTOTAL -$ TAX RATE 8.60% SALES TAX - SHIPPING & HANDLING - TOTAL -$ Make all checks payable to Your Company Name If you have any questions concerning this invoice, contact Name, Phone Number, Email Phone Name Company Address City, State ZIP Phone Name Company Address City, State ZIP THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

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