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Business-in-a-Box's Interview Guide Programmer .Net Template

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This interview guide programmer .net template has 12 pages and is a MS Word file type listed under our human resources documents.

Sample of our interview guide programmer .net:

Page 1 de 12 INTERVIEW GUIDE PROGRAMMER .NET Applicant : Date : Recruiter : The goal of an interview is to determine whether a candidate has a good fit for your particular job. This is best accomplished by asking questions about job related competencies to determine whether the candidate has previous experiences successfully using these competencies. Introduction Phase • Encourage some small talk to give the candidate time to get settled and to help him/her ease into the conversational flow of the interview. • Candidates usually feel more comfortable when they know what to expect in an interview. Share your general format with the candidate. • Tell the candidate that you may be writing during the interview and explain why you will be doing this. • Assure candidates that two-way questioning is allowed and encouraged. Make it clear that the candidate will have an opportunity to ask questions

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