Business-in-a-Box's Profit Sharing Plan Template

Profit Sharing Plan Template

Document description

This profit sharing plan template has 24 pages and is a MS Word file type listed under our human resources documents.

Sample of our profit sharing plan template:

Profit Sharing Plan Your business slogan here. Prepared By: [YOUR NAME] [YOUR JOB TITLE] Phone 555.555.5555 Email PROFIT-SHARING PLAN FOR SELF-EMPLOYED INDIVIDUALS The following document is a model profit-sharing plan that is intended to give you an idea of what a typical profit-sharing plan contains. You can modify this form to meet your specific circumstances. Of course, if you intend to use this plan, you should make sure that your attorney reviews it and approves any changes you make. TABLE OF CONTENTS Article Preamble 1. Purpose and Definitions Preamble Purpose Definitions Construction 2. Service Credit and Participation Hour of Service Service Break in Service Loss of Service Multiple Trades and Businesses Participation Originating Under This Plan Cessation of Participation Service and Reentry 3. Contributions Contributions by Employer Member Voluntary Contributions Member Voluntary Contributions (Alternate) 4. Individual Accounts and Allocations Establishment of Individual Accounts Allocation of Employer Contributions Allocation of Gains and Losses Allocation of Forfeitures Notification to Members 5. Retirement Benefit 6. Death Designation of Beneficiary Benefit No Beneficiary 7. Disability Benefit 8. Termination of Employment, and Forfeitures Eligibility Benefit Forfeitures Early Retirement 9. Distribution Notices and Methods of Payment Notice to Trustee Subsequent Notices Time and Methods of Payment Limitations on Payment Minority or Disability Payments 10. Special Governmental Requirements Limit on Annual Additions Under [CODE SECTION] Top-Heavy Restrictions 11. Administration Appointment of Committee Committee Powers and Duties Claims Procedure Committee Procedures Authorization of Benefit Payments Payment of Expenses Unclaimed Benefits 12. Trust Fund Establishment of Trust Fund Payment of Contributions to Trust Fund 13. Amendments Right to Amend 14. Withdrawal and Termination Transfers of Plan Assets and Plan Mergers Plan Termination Suspension and Discontinuance of Contributions and Plan Termination Liquidation of Trust Fund 15. General Provisions Non-guarantee of Employment Manner of Payment Non-alienation of Benefits Amounts Returnable to the Employer Governing Law

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